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Shooting the Breeze with Will Roland


    Competing in some 20 races in his Crate late model race car, Will Roland recently took his first ever 1st place win racing against adults at Rome Speedway’s half mile dirt track. Roland has been going to the tracks since he was three-years-old. He started racing at the age of five in quarter midgets and still holds track records throughout the south with multiple regional championships and two back-to-back wins at the Brick Yard.

(Will is a 13-year-old racer who recently won first place racing adults at the Rome Speedway, the south’s fastest half mile dirt track. He is the son of Mark and Salena Roland of Jasper. He attends North Georgia Christian Academy in Ellijay where he will enter 7th grade this fall.)

How long have you been driving and what type of cars do you race?
    This is my first full year. Crate late model. (Crate late model is the same car they run on the professional level, Lucas oil series, except it has a spec engine produced by General Motors that has around 400hp.)

How did you become interested in racing cars?
    My dad started to take me to the quarter midget track when I was about 3.  And I started liking them after that.

What's the best thing about racing? The worst?
    The best is when you win one and the worst is when you know you have a great car and get in a wreck and tear a lot up.

Have you ever flipped during a race or in training?
    Not in the Crate late model.

How many races have you been in? 
    Around 20 in the Crate late model.

You recently took first place at the Rome Speedway, the South's fastest half-mile dirt track. What was it like to win the race?
    It felt pretty good. I would of never thought that would of been my first win.

If you had a super power, what would it be?
    To cure sicknesses.

Last movie you watched?

Do you have a favorite professional NASCAR racer?
    Kasey Kahn