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Wide variety of veggies and handcrafted items at Jasper Farmers Market

market chair weaver hands

        Photo/Dan Pool

Terry Warden from TDW Chair Weaving showing off his craft at the Jasper Farmers Market under sunny skies Saturday.


By Heather Giambra


Another very busy Farmers Market graced with great weather and happy hearts made the shopping fun for the customers today. From Corinne’s Cookies to Miss Piggy’s pork skins and around again. There is such a wonderful choice of tasty treats for humans and pooches.

Add to that, with all the wonderful creativity at our market there are many choices of decorations, useful and artful, like cutting boards, bowls, jewelry, inspirational signs and paintings. Sewers and knitters make the aprons, bags, glass holders, and shawls. There are so many choices they can’t all be listed.


We had a special gallery on wheels roll in. Cuckoo clocks, the likes you haven’t seen. Wonderful creativity at it’s best, these cuckoo clocks featured beautiful patterns and colors, plus one is a total farm theme. (Jenny’s favorite). The new vendor, Jodie Davis & Mark Rowell, really had the customers talking.

Come see the market. Shop the market. Stroll the market. It’s well worth the visit and don’t forget the veggies. Our garden growers are offering garlic and greens and all things in between.

The Farmers Market is sponsored by the Master Gardeners of Pickens County each Saturday morning, 7:30 a.m. -  12 p.m. The next plant sale and program, Create Herb Infused Vinegar, will be  June 19th. The market is located in the Park n Ride parking lot of Lee Newton Park across from the Veteran’s Memorial. And mark your calendar, the Wednesday market will begin on June 23 with the hours 11-2. Perfect for those that want to drop by during their lunch hour.