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“The Queen is Not Happy”: Board chair’s texts show plot to oust former superintendent, says Impact Pickens group

texts steve lowe

Impact Pickens President Steve Lowe expressed “disgust” with behavior of top school officials during a town hall meeting Saturday. Their presentation featured numerous text messages the group obtained through open records requests.

        A trove of text messages from School Board Chair Sue Finley obtained by a group seeking to recall other school board members shows plans existed to oust former Superintendent Rick Townsend months before he was terminated.

The more-than 350 printed pages of texts, some only fragments, from Finley’s phone were presented by Impact Pickens Saturday at a town hall meeting. They  included dozens between Finley and former Assistant Superintendent Tony Young detailing plans to have Townsend terminated and then bring back his predecessor Dr. Carlton Wilson in a two-part scheme. 

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