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Jasper identified as “skyrocketing suburb” for real estate prices

high suburb prices

        This article on lists Jasper among the high flying suburbs in home price increases.

     On December 14th, a leading national real estate site, identified Jasper as #6 in their “Skyrocketing Suburbs: The 10 Urban Escapes Where Prices Are Rising the Most.”

The article stated, “Just an hour's drive from Atlanta, this little mountain town feels like it's on another planet. With an easy-living, country vibe, the area has been a hotbed for second-home owners for most of the past decade. However, as COVID-19 has left office workers free to telecommute, there have been far more buyers than homes for sale in this affordable getaway—which has driven the prices up astronomically.”

The article calculated Jasper at sixth on the list of 10, with a Median listing price: $259,900, Percentage increase: 32.2. The article explained that they based it on prices from Oct. 2019 to Oct. 2020. And went on to say, “To keep it geographically diverse, the team limited the selection to one suburb (with a minimum of 100 listings) per state.”

The article called the suburbs “a mixed bag right now, a combo of traditionally sought-after places situated near some of the nation's most expensive cities; lesser known towns in more far-flung regions; and even a couple of popular vacation spots.”

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