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“It’s God’s shop, not Todd’s shop,” says Coach’s Cuts owner after five years of manning the grill

coachs cuts

      Owner Todd Redman (right) with employees Sammy Clark and Kendall Angle  promote a Christian environment in Coach’s Cuts restaurant, located behind the Old Jail in Jasper’s downtown.


After five years of running Coach’s Cuts Hoagies, just off Main Street, owner Todd Redman says he hasn’t made much money, but still feels very blessed by what he has accomplished.

With the five-year anniversary marked on February 23, Redman took time to talk about the challenges and rewards of his business during his half decade manning the grill.

Redman said the relationships he has built, the groups he has been able to help, the individuals Coach’s Cuts has “given a hand up, not a hand out,” and the Christian environment he has fostered in the space on Mark Whitfield Street (behind the Old Jail) make the effort and time he has put into the restaurant worth the struggle.

To understand this unusual businessman who expresses gratitude despite not turning big profits, you need to realize that Redman didn’t set out to open a sandwich shop with a financial goal in mind. In fact, he believes God told him to open the shop and then has reinforced this message several times, including a powerful reminder from a stranger.

“I didn’t want to open a restaurant,” said Redman, who worked as a paramedic and in public safety. “I was at church and it was like the preacher was talking straight to me. I felt like it was a calling and God was saying do this.”

But it hasn’t been easy. Redman said, “Many times I’ve thought ‘that’s it.’ But then something would happen.”

Redman has striven with the gospel music, Bible verse on the front door and overall attitude of himself and two regular employees to create a Christian atmosphere inside the restaurant.

A powerful affirmation came from a woman driving from Marietta to Ellijay who had never been in Coach’s Cuts but felt God led her to seek out the owner and offer encouragement. This woman came into Jasper and first went to the Carriage House but they directed her to Coach’s Cuts to find the man who opened the new restaurant. When she said that God sent her to bring encouragement, Redman started crying. “I knew then that God wants me to continue on.”

Thus far in 2020, business has picked up at the shop and Redman is excited going forward.

Coach’s Cuts offers 65 to 70 different sandwiches, including their most popular, the steak and mushroom and the Dragon Steak, as well as homemade soups. They also sell their Dragon Sauce by the bottle.

Redman usually operates with two other employees, Sammy Clark and Kendall Angle. His wife and kids also help out and he calls on Gerry Gleason take over at the grill when he is out.

“I want to thank the community for supporting us,” he said. “It’s been five hard years, but hopefully we’ll have many, many more.”

Coach’s Cuts is open 10 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday. They are located behind the Old Jail at 140 Mark Whitfield St, Ste B. (706) 253-2000.