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“It’s warm, dry and what we can afford” say permanent RV dwellers

rv front

Dan Pool / Photo

Neal Montgomery, outside his home, says he and other RV residents would “be lost in the woods” if the county suddenly cracked-down on housing that doesn’t meet official building codes.

       “Necessity, pure and simple; it’s what we can afford,” said one of the residents of two RVs parked near each other north of Jasper.

One member of the group asked for the Progress to come and see their homes in hopes that the county will understand the implications of any restrictions they may pass on RVs. 

The planning commission has discussed in two previous meetings the need to address people living in non-certified housing, including RVs, Tiny Homes, and even tents. The discussion indicated there may be between 50 and 100 of these residences that the county’s planning office was aware of. In comments later, Planning Director Rodney Buckingham said that was his ballpark estimate but he simply doesn’t have any good way to survey all the people out there who may be residing under the radar in non-traditional homes.

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