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Southern Gone podcast shines light on the missing, past and present

southern gone podcast

        Southern Gone is a new podcast by Kristi Bryant of Talking Rock. Every other week the podcast will feature a story about a missing person from the South. 

Bryant invites everyone to “grab a chair, a glass of sweet tea and get gone with Southern Gone.” The podcast is available on iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher.


A new podcast from a Talking Rock woman called Southern Gone focuses on stories of people who’ve gone missing throughout the South. The podcast is a passion project for founder and host Kristi Bryant who spent three years in the early 2000s working for a private investigator and developing a passion for mysteries and finding missing people.

The first episode of Southern Gone focuses on the disappearance of Tiffany Daniels, a 25-year-old woman at the time of her disappearance on August 12, 2013. Daniels was last seen when she clocked out from her job at Pensacola State College in Florida. Her car was found at a beach a week later with her purse, her artwork and bike inside – but no sign of Tiffany. Police initially believed Tiffany had drowned but after a credible sighting in Louisiana, Tiffany’s family believes she was the victim of a human trafficking ring.

“With this episode, I try to raise awareness about human sex trafficking,” Bryant said. “I have a full-time job but I do this because I want to raise awareness about these people, like Tiffany, who’ve gone missing from the South. There is somebody, somewhere that knows something.”

Bryant, who has lived in Pickens County since 1998, works in sales full-time and conducts research for the episodes in her spare time. Her husband, Pickens native Cale Bryant, provides production assistance for the podcast. 

“It’s really a passion project for me,” she said. “If I can touch one person to come forward and get one case solved I will feel like I’ve helped and done my part.” 

Bryant said the podcast inspires lots of late nights as she researches cases from North Carolina, down to Florida and over to Texas. She said she has had “lots of luck” with people excited to talk to her about the podcast because they want the stories of their loved ones to stay front and center in peoples’ minds.

“I really love doing this. I love talking to people and researching it,” she said. “My plan is to present one episode on a newer case then switch to an older case.”

She was inspired to research her first episode about Daniels after seeing the show Disappeared, which featured the missing woman’s story. According to, approximately 2,300 Americans are reported missing every day. This number includes both children and adults. Of the more than 830,000 people reported missing each year in the U.S., 50,000 are over the age of 18. Half of missing adults are white, 30 percent are African American and 20 percent are Latino. 

In her second episode, released Monday, Bryant goes back in time 50 years to the case of Mary Shotwell Little, known as the “Case of the Missing Bride.” 

Little was last seen on October 14, 1965 walking to her 1965 Mercury Comet in the Lenox Square Mall parking lot in Atlanta. The new bride of just six weeks hasn’t been seen or heard from since. Bryant recounts Mary’s story and the police investigation which included following a sighting of her, with a head injury, in North Carolina just hours after her disappearance. While several theories developed throughout the investigation, including whether the body of a woman found in a trunk of a car was related to Mary’s disappearance, no resolution was ever reached. 

Bryant invites everyone to listen to her podcast by “grabbing a chair, and glass of sweet tea.” Southern Gone is available on iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher. Bryant can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.