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Get ready to climb at Fainting Goat 5K But, “What you go up, you come back down”

FGV 5k poster 2019


For the second year, Fainting Goat Vineyard, Good Samaritan Health & Wellness Center, and IWeLife events have teamed up to bring a unique 5K event to Pickens County this December 7.  

“It’s definitely got a climb, and we don’t hide the fact that it’s hilly, but what you go up you come back down,” event organizer Sean Pfister of IWeLife events said of the route that takes participants along a portion of Burnt Mountain on Highway 136. The route begins at Vineyard Way and heads down Highway 136 to the lower overlook, then back up Highway 136 past Fainting Goat, then back to the vineyard to finish. 

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“If you just sit around, you’ll die,” says 100-year-old Roy Hughes

No. 1


Proudly wearing his veteran's cap, Roy Hughes recently celebrated his 100th birthday. The World War II veteran was awarded six Bronze Stars during his service.


By Larry Cavender

Progress contributor


Birthdays are a common occurrence, obviously, because everyone has one every year. However, a local veteran recently celebrated a birthday that, literally, happens only once in a century.

On Wednesday, Oct. 30th, Roy Hughes celebrated his 100th birthday at a party held for him at the Pickens County Senior Center in Jasper. When asked to what he attributes his longevity, he replied, "Get up. Get out. Get involved. Because if you just sit around, you'll die." He added, "I nearly lost it when I lost my wife." 

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Bee’s Home Cookin’ owner arrested for arson


photo / Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner's Office

Investigators inside Bee's Home Cookin' restaurant at 660 West Church Street in Jasper. Fire crews were dispatched at approximately 10:12 p.m. the evening of November 5. 


         Bee’s Home Cookin’ owner Tyler Suarez has been arrested for 1st degree arson for a fire that occurred at the West Church Street restaurant on Tuesday, Nov. 5. 

         According to a statement from Jasper Fire Chief Steve Roper, the Georgia State Fire Marshal’s Office, which assisted with investigations along with their K-9 units, presented evidence to a local judge on Thursday, Nov. 7 at 3 p.m.

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Camera traffic enforcement in school zones considered

Sheriff Donnie Craig fleshed out  details last week on a potential plan for traffic enforcement cameras in front of two schools and on the stop arms of school buses, hoping to get more public comments on the use of the technology to slow speeds in school zones.

“I want to start a discussion on this,” said the sheriff. 

He said adding cameras to the stop arm of school buses that photograph any drivers passing a stopped bus with its flashing lights “looks like a no brainer.”

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Fire at Bee’s Home Cookin' “suspicious”


photo / Gaylon Mathews

Fire crews force entry into the West Church Street restaurant Tuesday evening. 



            Investigation is underway at Bee’s Home Cookin' restaurant in Jasper, where a fire broke out Tuesday evening. 

            On November 5, city of Jasper Fire crews were dispatched to the restaurant on West Church Street at approximately 10:12 p.m. after a passerby saw smoke and called 911. Crews had to force entry by breaking through the glass front door, which was locked. No one was in the restaurant when emergency workers arrived on the scene.

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