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Advice for the PHS class of 2012

Congratulations on having completed high school. Now it’s on to real life, and it is largely what you make it. Because we wish you well, here are ten bits of advice from our editorial staff. Not all are original thoughts. Some are common advice we felt it was worth repeating.


• Gaining opportunities is like catching fish: you may not get anything for a long time and then get more than you can handle all at once. Before you turn down or squander any job/scholarship/offer, be aware the next good chance may not pop up for a year.


• “Gossip betrays a confidence, but a trustworthy man keeps a secret,” – Proverbs 11:13. Keep this in mind as well when you use social media. What’s online is way more public than something chatted about at a party.


• Think long and hard about tattoos. Maybe they can be removed later, but it’s a pain literally and financially. What you think looks cool at 21 years old and after a 12-pack may not sit well with a future spouse.


• Use sunscreen and condoms as needed.


• Listen to your mama, unless she’s a nut. And in that case, just love her anyway.

• In adult life, no one cares why you are late or miss work or college classes. They only care that you were not where you were supposed to be.


• Do what you love to do – The iconic writer and lecturer Joseph Campbell encouraged all his students to follow their bliss. Find what you are passionate about and work toward making that a viable life for yourself. If you love what you do, it shows. You will be happy, and that happiness will hopefully rub off on those around you.


• Don’t spend every penny you make – However large or small your salary ends up being, learn to live below your means. We recommend a good dose of Clark Howard or Dave Ramsey every now and again.


• When you start finding national news interesting, we suggest you pepper your serious print and television media preferences with a good smattering of satirical news––for perspective, we’re saying. We like The Onion and The Colbert Report.


•Surprise yourself - Make a conscious decision to take risks, meet new people and learn new things. Surprising yourself with your own accomplishments can be extremely rewarding and may inspire you to do even more.