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March 2020
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Letters to the Editor

This Week's Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Where are the numbers to support to 'deadly pandemic' declarations and the sudden, strict shutdown of the United States? There should be tens of thousands dead by now, with millions infected. The common flu is showing higher numbers.

Pushed and hyped by the media, and the left, yet, as is normal, there is no supporting data.

The most dense gatherings of people in close proximity for extended periods of time in the last 60 days, measuring in the tens of thousands were all President Trump political rallies.

Time frames ranged from 24 to 48 hours, all mingling and moving through out the waiting lines. They stood elbow to elbow, shoulder to shoulder. They shared food, drinks and air. They shared toilet facilities and everything else. Ages from the very young to the very old. The people working the venues, the security people and the entire entourage of the Trump team.. The ideal test sample grouping, yet.... how many reported ill?

The Nevada rallies, people of all ages and across the job spectrum, the infections would have spread rapidly, then spread to co-workers, neighbors, throughout the schools and casinos which would have sent the infections across the entire nation in a matter of days, yet......(crickets)

The infectious time is regenerated each time a new person becomes infected and moves through society in their daily lives in close contact with others that had not been infected.

Where are the numbers?  If it's not a deadly disease, what is the object?

People are allowed to gather in numbers that support Biden and Bernie rallies, but nobody is allowed to attend Trump rallies.

Drew Dickey


Dear Editor:

One week after the Proclamation on Declaring a National Emergency concerning the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak from President Trump, I wanted to update our community on the current conditions of our local government and our operations.  

During a Special Called Meeting last night (Thursday, March 19, 2020) the city council approved and enacted a local emergency ordinance that enables us to continue operating within certain parameters with allowances of meeting the immediate needs of our local government and community and to avoid unnecessary delays as it relates to costs and time. Specifically, this ordinance is a necessary measure so that we can minimize disruptions in providing our community with the essential services of water, waste water, police and fire services that may arise with the uncertainties that seem to develop daily.


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Letters Welcomed

“Letters to the Editor” is an important public forum in the community and the Progress welcomes  these letters. Letters addressing issues will be accepted but not those expressing a personal grievance directed toward another individual. Letters OVER 450 WORDS in length will not be considered for publication. All letters MUST BE SIGNED with address and phone number given where the author can be reached to verify information. 

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