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Letters to the Editor

This Week's Letters to the Editor

To the Editor:
I protest the false, wrongful impeachment of President Trump.
The U. S. House of Representatives accuses President Trump of three "high crimes" for which the House provided no evidence.
First, the House accused President Trump of falsely asserting that the presidential election results "were the product of widespread fraud."
This is not a crime. President Trump has the legal right to state his views regarding election fraud.  There are many indicators of such fraud.
For four years, the Democrats claimed election fraud by President Trump in the 2016 election. Nobody arrested the Democrats for doing the same as President Trump.
Secondly, the House accuses President Trump of inciting lawlessness at his January 6 rally resulting in his supporters at the rally attacking the U. S. Capitol Building.
The Impeachment Article uses President Trump's January 6 "fight like hell to save the country" statement as its sole piece of evidence for this accusation.
By use of the word "fight," President Trump means peaceful but aggressive political action such as peaceful demonstrations and getting out the vote.  The House's complete misunderstanding of President Trump's  statement nullifies this second House accusation.
President Trump has had over 600 rallies over four years.  He never once incited violence, and violence did not occur.
The attack on the Capitol had been planned for weeks by violent radical groups not connected in any way to the Trump organization.  
If President Trump is responsible for the Capitol attack, then Joe Biden is responsible for the Radical Left violent summer attacks in several American cities that killed 37 people.
Thirdly, the House accuses President Trump of the "high crime" of asking Mr. Raffensperger, in a phone conversation, to "find" enough votes to overturn the Georgia election, and threatening him if he did not comply.
There is no "high crime" here.  President Trump has the legal right to discuss voting procedures with state officials.  
By "find", Trump does not mean to change legal Biden votes to Trump.  He means to "find" illegal Biden votes that had not yet been identified.
And there is no evidence that President Trump threatened Mr. Raffensperger.
This wrongful, false impeachment is a blatant attempt by the Democrats to damage President Trump in the eyes of his 75 million supporters so that they would abandon support for President Trump's future initiatives to "Make America Great Again." 
Matt Moore
To the Editor:
Open letter to Jerry Davis and family at their BBQ restaurant... 


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