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Letters to the Editor

This Week's Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

It is more than a bit disconcerting to learn that so many people have decided not to take the Covid vaccine. Who knows what the long term affects of the drugs are? Nobody! But there is always speculations about possible affects of anything. There are the same doubts for any new life saving drugs. 

In fact, pick anything, virtually any subject and I guarantee you I can find negatives. If you live in that world of searching for the negatives, you are living a rather pessimistic life style. My wife and I had the two Moderna vaccines early. No after affects other than after the second shot we woke up with some flu like symptoms, but no fever and gone by noon, nothing later.

It appears that the Johnson &  Johnson, Pfizer and Moderna are proving to be  safe. There has been some concern from Europe about AstraZeneca vaccine with the possible risk to young people in causing clots.

Frankly, if enough people do not take one of the vaccines we will never irradicate this virus. So please do not take the selfish route. Get the vaccine. Besides, getting the vaccine beats getting covid and ending up in the hospital or even worse, God forbid, in the morgue. If you spread the virus to someone you love, how are you going to feel?

Right now the CDC reports this past weekend that you can now travel safely IF you have been vaccinated. If enough people get vaccinated we have a great chance of irradicating this terrible virus pandemic. We can eliminate a global pandemic the same way we did with Polio.  If you have been vaccinated, congratulations and on behalf of the USA thank you.



C. Ray Smith



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