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The ABCs of Thanksgiving

    A is for aunts, lots of them, all telling us how we should have cooked those green beans just a wee bit longer.
    B is for all the bread we’re going to consume on Thanksgiving even though we are constantly told in order to be thin we need to stay away from the stuff. That cornbread dressing is calling our name.
    C is for cars that carry all those relatives to our homes to gather for the holidays. And then, blessedly, carry them back home.
    D is for Dressing. The true centerpiece of a Thanksgiving feast. Turkey? HAH. The bird is just there for looks and leftover sandwiches days later.
    E is for everything, as in “I can’t believe I ate everything on my plate.”
    F is for family because although lots of things change in life, family is forever. We are thankful for those who have leading roles in our lives and would unconditionally do anything for us – because they sort of have to; it’s a requirement.
    G is for grandma’s recipes with lots of butter and fatback and all the stuff we know we shouldn’t eat but can’t help ourselves.
    H is for house, as in the one that we’ll be cleaning on for ages after everyone leaves.
    I is for “I really am thankful.” Think about it: living in this area, this country, we have a lot that we might take for granted. But don’t. Express your gratitude this year.
    J is for jokes, as in the same ones we hear over and over each year at family gatherings. Corny, goofy, embarrassing? Yes, but family gatherings wouldn’t be the same without them.
    K is for kiss that diet good-bye, at least until January 1.
    L is for the Lions and Packers game we’ll be watching. Not quite like watching the Dawgs, but with  Matthew Stafford in Detroit  it’s still pretty good. If you aren’t a UGA fan,  you can cheer against the Cowboys in one of two other games. Gathering around the TV on a Thanksgiving afternoon, munching on leftovers -- as good as it gets.
    M is for memories – as in memories that everyone loves to share as we gather together.
    N is for now – As in sit down and eat now, everyone  at the same time - a rarity in modern America.
    O is for opening the refrigerator door, for the 100th time.
    P is for potatoes, as in mashed, smashed AND sweet, all on the same plate.
    Q is for all those unending questions from that five-year-old nephew who begins every conversation with “Why?”
    R is for running away - which we would like to do by the end of the day- and reading, give thanks for our favorite books.
    S is for stretchy pants.
    T is for Thank You to our Progress readers and advertisers.
    U is for covertly passing  those last couple of pieces of casserole to the dog under the table to make room for more dessert.
    V is for vacuum cleaners that go a long way to clean up all the dressing and green beans that will likely be spilled by the end of the day.
     W is for “Whoa”, the word we wish we’d uttered before the third slice of pie.
    X is for the mark you put through the day on the calendar once Thanksgiving is over.
    Y is for “You’re inviting Who?”
    Z is for ZZZZZ. As in a turkey induced nap.    
    But most of all, we’re just thankful we aren’t a turkey.