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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Your excellent editorial on measles should remind us all that the facts are on the side of vaccination. These one-off cases, often unsubstantiated testimonials but highly touted in social media, do more harm than good to new moms trying to make the right decision for their kids. When you have a half dozen of the worlds greatest medical research and treatment facilities say we must vaccinate- that should be good enough for all of us.

Plus, while I’m sort of libertarian on many issues, there appears to be no middle ground here. The greater good of our communities is served by governmental vaccination requirements. I would feel pretty uncomfortable if my grandkids went to a school system where a measles vaccine was not required.

You took the high road with your well-researched editorial -but I would say to those who are fighting the medical establishment on this issue that they are not only putting their own child’s health at risk - as well as that of her friends - but are selfishly turning a blind eye toward the facts.  

With that kind of parenting -some of it fueled by the Just-Call-Saul lawyers - you had better be very sure of your actions. If you make the wrong call, measles may be the least of your problems.


Dave Altman


Dear Editor:

I would like to take this venue and opportunity to apologize for something I did without knowing it was wrong. On February 2, the Jasper City Council suspended the collection of funds while standing in an intersection. Since last year, I have been collecting for the Shrine in the intersection coming out of the Kroger/Home Depot center onto Hwy. 53.



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