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Letters to the Editor

This Week's Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

Seniors for tax exemption

   It is unbelievable how lacking some people are in understanding facts and how unwilling they are to accept them. Absolutely no group can make a change to the current tax exemption law without the help of a legislator. This plan then has to go through the legislative process. If you can't believe anyone else you should talk with your legislator before putting forth false information.                                                                          

Ronald Godfrey


Dear Editor:

Bet you didn’t know this one.

Like me, you obviously enjoy reading the Pickens Progress. Bet you didn’t know this?

Some years ago my roommate, a doctor and ob-gyn   had a call from the emergency room at the local hospital. They had a police officer on line with a lady who was in his car and ready to give birth before he could get to the hospital. He the doctor had them to put the officer online and was to assist the officer in the delivery of the newborn. Ed asked if there was an unread newspaper handy. As luck would have it he had one in his patrol car.  Dr. Ed said get it and use as it is the most sanitary thing you could use with the newborn as the inside of the paper was totally sanitary as it had not been touched by human hands. The officer following instruction from the good friend of mine and delivered the baby and took he and mom to the hospital where Ed met them. Mom and baby were just fine. 

So you might want to drop by the Progress and grab an extra paper and place in a sanitary bag and save it for emergency. You never know when it will be needed.

C. Ray Smith


Dear Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincerest thanks to so many people who made Jasper Middle School Chorus successful this year. 

The last concert of the season took place on Tuesday, May 15th at Mt. Zion Church. The students and their families were treated to a surprise dinner held in the fellowship hall following the concert. Many thanks to the Neal Family for coordinating this generous event.  

"Alice In Wonderland Jr," was an amazing production that was only made possible through the help of the many families that volunteered their time and efforts for costumes, sets, props, concessions, ticket sales, and business grants. I cannot thank you enough for your efforts....


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