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Plenty of bears roaming Jasper streets


This bear was caught off Navaho Trail in Jasper last week. Just a few days later a different bear was seen on the same road.

     “You can’t accuse every bear of being aggressive or getting too close,” said City of Jasper Animal Control Officer Lonnie Waters, explaining why one bear was trapped recently and others continue “growling and prowling and sniffing the air.”
    Maybe the bears here aren’t really growling as the song says Smokey does to spot forest fires, but it’s hard to rhyme with turning over garbage cans and startling people – the main activities of bears in Jasper.

See the print or online edition for comments about local bear sightings and a map of bear sightings in the city limits.


James Robison
+4 #1 James Robison 2013-08-22 09:31
I've spoken to Mr. Waters about the bear issue. We have at least one in Arbor Hills. It seems to delight in opening sealed garbage cans, eating the food left out for pets, and even bird-seed.

That might just be a hint, people. If you don't want a couple hundred pounds of bear rummaging through your property, don't put food out for them.

FYI, shooting one can result in the confiscation of your gun, if you're in your car, that goes, too. Guess what shooting one from your house costs you. If the animal is attacking, all bets are off. However, these bears seem uninterested in confronting anyone, so far.

They should drop in their activity levels soon, until spring.
+7 #2 Donald 2013-08-23 10:01
Wrong, the headline should read, "Plenty of people intruding on bear's home."
0 #3 alisha 2013-08-27 12:19
there are big bears on indian forest drive scaring people too..........

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