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Shop-With-a-Cop story would bring tears to the Grinch’s eye

shop with a cop

Pickens Sheriff Office/ Photo

The Pickens Sheriff Office’s Shop-With-A-Cop provided more than 80 kids with a trip to Walmart and gives a lesson in being grateful for what you have.

The sheriff’s office Shop-With-a-Cop program is a perfect example of both giving and receiving and the power of Christmas to lift the spirts of others while learning to not take what you have for granted.

Last week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, Pickens deputies took kids shopping at Walmart, each given a $175 budget. A few kids had parents accompanying them, especially if a disability required special measures.

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City of Jasper enters negotiation phase in manager search

Updated -- Council member Proctor offers comments on manager search   

Jim Looney, interim city manager for Jasper, will enter negotiations with candidates for his replacement per instructions given by the council following a closed session Thursday evening.


   Council attorney Bill Pickett read a statement when the meeting returned to open session indicating they had authorized Looney to negotiate with the candidates for city manager who have shown an interest in the job. The council interviewed four potential candidates earlier this month.

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Lost Bible returned to owner

old bible

The owner hadn't seen his Bible in years, but thanks to a resident who wanted to find the rightful owner the sacred book has been returned. 

In what could be considered no less than a Christmas miracle, a Bible was reunited with its owner after the Progress ran an article reporting it had been found on the side of the road. 

The Bible was turned over to the Progress by a woman who had the same last name as the one printed on its front cover – “William Paul Stanfield.” A motorist found the Dake’s Annotated Reference Bible in the Pleasant Hill area and gave it to Donna Stanfield’s husband, owner of Jasper TV & Appliance, in April. Mrs. Stanfield, who is not related to William Paul Stanfield, found it on a bookshelf in her living room last month while she was cleaning and

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Winter Market provides great treats and fun outing

farmers market1

If you’re planning ahead, Paulette Moxley of Sunny Side Farms offers up many choices for your pantry.


By Heather Giambra


Wonderful vendors offering wonderful choices. Most of the vendors were inside the Chamber building staying warm except a few brave souls who still have fresh veggies. Turnips and greens, squash and radish, lettuce and spinach, too. 

The Red Bean Harvest table moved indoors to offer their coffee, teas, and hot chocolate which was greatly appreciated by everyone feeling the chill. Our market is a welcoming place of comfort and camaraderie, plus the place to be to feel the holiday spirit rising.

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Mixed winter bag — Some get ice, others wind

dunn storm 3

The photo shows ice-covered roads near the top of Hendricks Mountain in Bent Tree. At 2,650 feet of elevation, the conditions were markedly different on Hendricks Mountain than other areas of the county. Photographer Robin Dunn described it as looking like ice cubes littering the ground where frozen precipitation had been blown from trees.

Pickens County was hit with the first storm of the season Saturday ahead of winter’s official December 21st start. The storm produced a wide variety of conditions depending on the area of the county.

Higher elevations such as Monument Road and areas inside Bent Tree were hit with ice and snow creating slick roads. Henderson Mountain, which generally sees similar conditions to the Monument Road area, was bypassed by this storm with no problems reported there.

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