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Jasper’s water system eyes new sources

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[This is the second of a two-part series. The first looked at the city’s sewage system and future options. It is available from the March 2nd edition.]



Because of the extended drought and relatively dry winter, the city of Jasper’s water supply is at roughly the same level now as it usually is in July of most years. But officials say the worst-case scenarios involve only tighter restrictions on outdoor use. 

The mayor and water department superintendent are confident the city will be able to meet all demands for homes this year even if we see drought again.

“Extreme drought makes us do extreme things, but we will keep water in the lines,” Mayor John Weaver said in an interview earlier in March. 

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Jasper Farmers Market opens Saturday

farmers market

     Granny Matt Farms has been a good source for early garden plants for several years. He, and other areas farmers will be back in action, selling produce in Lee Newton park starting this Saturday.


By Darla Huffman


            The Jasper Farmers Market will open on April 1 this year.  We never know who will be there so I looked at the last 3 years and borrowed from them.

            2016: Opening day was sunny and cold; not a lot of vendors but a nice mix of previous and new vendors; crafts and produce.  Lettuce and kale were plentiful as were garden ready vegetable plants; broccoli and cabbage and other things that can be planted right now.  If you are not familiar with planting early spring gardens, the vendors who sell them are always ready to share their expertise.

            Her many friends and customers will be glad to see Jackie Carlyle at the market, selling her diabetic friendly bread and other goodies.  This

Apparent murder-suicide under investigation

sherifflogoOn Tuesday, March 21st, deputies responded to an address on Burgess Road West in Jasper Georgia. The caller had advised that he had found his tenant in his home and he was not conscious. After arriving, deputies found 2 individuals in the home that were deceased.

During the initial investigation, it appears that a Mr. Perry Wayne Hightower killed Ms. Brenda Castleberry and then committed suicide. Hightower, 59 years old, was in a relationship with Ms. Castleberry, 62 years old. 

The caller revealed that he had went to the home with a family member of Ms. Castleberry after they had not heard from her for a short period of time, which was rare. 

Speeding and reckless driving on Cumming Highway being addressed by Cherokee Sheriff


     Cherokee County, Ga. March 27, 2017. The Cherokee Sheriff’s Office has received numerous citizen complaints about speeding and reckless driving on Cumming Highway between Canton and Forsyth County. A crash analysis performed this year by the sheriff’s office revealed there have been 36 crashes on Cumming Highway with 21 injuries.

       The Cherokee Sheriff’s Office would like to inform citizens of a safety initiative that will begin Monday

Now is the time for real county planning, says Magistrate


Magistrate Judge Allen Wigington is leading an effort for more serious long-term planning for county government. Here, he addresses the board of commissioners on the subject at a recent meeting.


What is Pickens County going to look like in five years? Ten?  

A group of the county’s elected officials say without a clear long-term vision the future could be ruled by reactionary government instead of foresight and thoughtful planning.   

Speaking at the most recent commissioners’ meeting, Pickens County’s Chief Magistrate Judge Allen Wigington said the time is now for leaders and the public to begin work on a plan that will include internal governmental operations such as budgeting,  as well as a larger vision for the community and also economic development. 

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