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Shooting the Breeze with Tucker Green

STB-tucker Green

photo/ZeroedN Photography
    PHS grad Tucker Green loves politics and small towns. He will attend University of North Georgia for one year and will transfer to University of Georgia where he will study either Business Management or Public Administration.

    Tucker Green recently graduated from Pickens High School, where he served as class president and was heavily involved in clubs and athletics. Green will work as an intern with the Pickens County Government this summer until he begins college in the fall.

You were class president your senior year at PHS. What were your duties in that role?

I was leader in deciding what causes the Student Government Association would take on. This included homecoming week festivities and bringing back the tradition of a homecoming parade and bonfire, which was a big success. We worked on different t-shirt designs for various events throughout the year. I helped lead the organization of pep rallies, spirit weeks and prom efforts. I also had a role as a student representative when it came to policy concerns. 

What did you enjoy most about the position? Least?

I enjoyed most seeing an event be successful and the hard work paying off. The most evident cases were the homecoming parade, pep rallies and prom, to name a few. The least would be dealing with ridiculous requests or complaints about various issues.

What interests you about politics? Do you aspire to hold an elected office one day?

I have been enthralled in politics since I could talk. The process as a whole is very interesting to me. I love learning the history of it; about the people and the way that the decisions have major impacts in our everyday lives (a lot more than people realize!) I also find it fascinating how politics have evolved. Don’t get me wrong, politics have always been “politics,” but I feel on both sides that a lot of politicians, not all, have forgotten the true purpose and significance of their position. They should be public servants by and for the people. I would like to hold elected office one day in hopes of giving back to the community that has given so much to me!

You were raised in Pickens. Do you want to live and work in a larger town as an adult or do you prefer rural areas and why?

I love Pickens County and rural areas as a whole for many reasons, but largely due to the beautiful, calm small town life and “big family” feel. Still, I would be willing to go wherever I was needed or wherever was best for my family. 

Why do you think teenagers don’t typically pay attention to politics? Do you wish they would?

I think they see politics as so far ahead of them, so to speak, that it really doesn’t seem like it affects them. I wish they would because it does have a large impact on your life no matter the age. I hope that in future years young people will become more involved, informed and play their important part in politics.

What does your county internship involve?

I work as the Public Information Officer, which involves being a liaison to media, compiling various information pieces such as “The Pickens Report,” assisting citizens and attending multiple meetings about county business. I am really enjoying my job and I’m very thankful for the opportunity.

What makes a good leader?

Being a true servant leader! Being well spoken, but also being a good listener not just a hearer. Leading people, inspiring and motivating them, not beating them over the head - unless necessary.

If you could have dinner with anyone who would it be and why?

This is a tough one but I would have to pick Ronald Reagan. He is my “political role model,” so to speak, with an abundance of knowledge and experience. I am sure he would have some good stories to tell between his time in Hollywood and Washington.

You’re also a sports guy.  You play golf and were involved in football and other types of training in school. What’s your best sports memory?

All the people I have been able to share stories and experiences with from football, basketball and golf. They have made it so enjoyable and it’s one of the biggest things I will miss about high school.

You’re on death row. What’s your last meal?

No doubt Provino’s chicken Parmesan, salad, rolls, a filet mignon and my mama’s sweet tea.