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Shooting the Breeze with Tony Greiner

Greiner talks volunteering, Tony Stark and Taekwondo
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For six years Greiner has worked at the Burnt Mountain Center, which offers services to developmentally disabled adults in Pickens. He is an active member of the Jasper Lions Club and a Taekwondo student who competes regularly. He is also a volunteer firefighter at the Bethany-Salem Fire Department in Pickens.

What do you do at the Burnt Mountain Center?

I am a Job Coach and I show the participants what to do and how to do a job.  My parents are good friends of Debbie Rooker, and she had a job opening for me.

You do a lot of volunteer work. Why do you choose to volunteer and why did you choose those organizations?

I like helping the community and the people of Pickens County.  Taekwondo has  given me a lot of knowledge and I hope to become a teacher one day after I achieve black belt rank.  I joined Bethany-Salem Fire Department on Sept. 10, 2001.  I was interested in becoming a Firefighter/First Responder. 

You are an avid Georgia Bulldogs fan. Who is your favorite player? Who do you like watching them play against?

I would have to choose Isaiah McKenzie as my favorite Bulldog player because he is very quick and he is a great player.  Favorite Game to watch is UGA Vs. Georgia Tech because it is the last game of the regular college football season.

You are a big fan of superheroes. Who is your favorite and why?

Iron Man would have to be my favorite Marvel Superhero.  He is actually Tony Stark of Stark Industries in the Iron Man Movies.  He flies like Superman does and fights crime.

What do you enjoy most about Taekwondo?

I enjoy pretty much everything that Taekwondo has to teach me. I also like being able to break wooden boards.

What's the biggest fire you've helped fight through the Bethany-Salem Fire Department?

The biggest fire I helped fight was during training simulation classes that the fire department puts together.

Who inspires you?

I would have to say my family, Debbie Rooker, and my Taekwondo Instructors.

What is your favorite movie and why?

Oh Gosh! I have so many, but if I had a personal favorite it'd have to be Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story.  Bruce Lee is one of the most famous martial artists that has ever lived.

With all of the things you are involved in you stay busy. What do you do for fun?

I like taking pictures with my Nikon digital camera.  I also like volunteering at big events like JeepFest because I can see all the various kinds of jeeps that people have worked on and watching them have fun getting dirty.