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Shooting the Breeze with Ashley Evans

Ashley Evans talks animals, commercial cleaning and shopping
STB-Maggie-and-Ash    Ashley Evans is on the board of Partners of Pickens Pets and she owns her own cleaning business, Evans Cleaning Service. For this wife and mother of two, “rescued” is her favorite kind of pet.
What is Partners of Pickens Pets?

Partners of Pickens Pets, aka POPP, is a local non-profit organization formed to financially supplement the Pickens County Animal Shelter. POPP was formed in August 2014 and is committed to educating and providing public awareness within our community on the importance of pet ownership. Visit for more information.

How did you get involved in the organization?

By volunteering at the shelter, I met Judy Moody. Judy's husband Keith is the president of the non-profit. In January, I was asked to join the board of POPP. Of course I accepted. It's an honor to work closely with people that have the same values as myself and know that they also have the animals’ best interests at heart.

What are some of POPP's accomplishments? Current needs?

Since POPP was formed in August 2014, over 50 cats and dogs have been saved. These include hit-by-car cases, sick/injured, feral cats, as well as heartworm positive dogs. These are all animals that normally would've been euthanized due to lack of funding for vet care. With the help of POPP, the Pickens County Animal Shelter euthanasia rate is well below 10 percent. This is something we are happy about. POPP has also raised funds to replace the old cat cages at the shelter with new state-of-the-art cages. The shelter is now able to quarantine sick cats and young kittens so diseases are not spread. The outdoor dog kennels are also being replaced. The kennels will be covered and designed to be more sanitary. POPP is always in need of donations and 100 percent goes to help animals in need. Donations can be made on our website or a check made payable to POPP can be mailed to 3563 Camp Road, Jasper, GA 30143.

Are you a dog person or a cat person? Why?

Growing up I was always a dog person, however working closely with the shelter has changed that. I now claim to be both a cat and dog person. I am currently the proud owner of two dogs and two cats that are rescues from the shelter.

What work do you do as a volunteer for the Pickens County Animal Shelter?

I photograph the dogs for the shelter. I also manage the Facebook page and work with the shelter on a daily basis in order to promote the animals that they do intake on throughout the day. I contact rescues for animals that have been at the shelter a while or animals in need of medical attention.

You own your own commercial cleaning business. How did you get involved in that industry?

My uncle owns a local restoration company. I worked with him briefly and soon realized I wanted a business of my own. I primarily focus on commercial cleaning but I do have some residential clients. I also do some construction clean up work as well.

What are some of the most challenging parts of your day job? What do you enjoy about it?

I love owning my own company. I really enjoy the fact I only work a few hours a week and can spend time with my family as much as possible. Cleaning is hard work but it's worth it.

You have two young children. What are you and your husband's favorite things to do as a family?

My husband and I have been married for eight years. We have two boys, Caden is six and Cooper is three. We love spending time outdoors as a family. Going camping, hiking and mountain biking are a few things we enjoy. My oldest son, Caden, is currently playing baseball so we've spent most of our recent weekends at the ballpark.

What are your guilty pleasures?

I love waking up on a Saturday morning and spending the day shopping by myself. It rarely happens but when it does I always start my day with a trip to Starbucks. The rest of the day is going wherever I want to go and not rushing to get in the store and get out.

What inspires you?

Helping people (and animals) inspires me. The difference I can see being made motivates me to keep trying to make a difference for others. In my opinion, animals are helpless creatures that need us to be their voice. It's our duty to speak out for them and to find them the best lives possible. When I find a rescue for an old soul that someone dropped off at the shelter for no good reason, I know in my heart I have bettered that animal’s life. There's no feeling like it. That's inspiration to me.