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Nechvatal resigns as chamber director

From Chamber of Commerce Board of Director Chairman Sonny Proctor


The Board of the Pickens County Chamber of

Commerce voted unanimously to accept the

resignation of Gerry Nechvatal, our Executive

Director, effective Friday, July 27, 2018.

    The Board of Directors would like to express our appreciation

for Gerry’s service to the Chamber, its members,

and our community and we wish him well in his

future endeavors. The Executive Committee is

working on an interim leadership plan until an

appropriate replacement strategy can be developed.

   At this time, the Chamber of Commerce will continue

to operate in a normal fashion, and all events,

meetings, and committees will be held as scheduled.

We ask for the patience and the support of our

members during this transition, and we pledge

to take this opportunity to make the Chamber of

Commerce even better.