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A look at Ball Ground’s thriving industrial/manufacturing base

Ball Ground Industry 1

Universal Alloy Corporation, seen here in an aerial depiction, opened a plant within the city limits of Ball Ground just last year. Between 50 and 100 employees work at UAC, which is an international company manufacturing aluminum extractions for aircraft wing and fuselage components. Boeing Corporation is one of their biggest clients.


By Larry Cavender

Contributing writer


After years of a stagnant and sluggish economy, the United States is seeing an historic economic boom with GDP growth approaching four percent, unemployment levels at record lows, and manufacturing optimism at all-time highs. Many experts attribute the new economic growth to deregulation and tax cuts.

Nowhere is this economic optimism more evident than in Ball Ground. There are no less than 50 industrial and manufacturing companies located within a three-mile radius of the city's downtown, with more manufacturing steadily arriving. So why has Ball Ground become such a magnet for industry? 

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