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Dog-gone, then rescued from storm drain

culvert dog

       Pickens County Animal Control Officer Nicole Strickland pets a heeler named Kathy after it was rescued from a culvert in Tate. 


Kathy, a heeler, got a Christmas miracle after she was rescued from a culvert at her owner’s residence on Rabbit Town Road in Tate. 

Pickens Animal Shelter’s Animal Control Officer Nicole Strickland was sent out on the 911-call last Wednesday, Dec. 20. 

Neighbor Diane Ingram said Kathy’s owner, who she called “a big animal person,” had noticed his dog went missing and started searching for her. 

“In Tate, there are ditches that are in front of a lot of the houses, and he had his filled in and a culvert runs from mine into his yard,” she said. “He said she had gotten in before but was able to get out.”

They took a flashlight to the pipe and although they couldn’t see her, they could hear her.

“She was making a little sound, and he knew when he called her and she didn’t come she was stuck,” she said. “I’d say she was halfway down the pipe, about 15 to 20 feet or so.” 

A few hours later, and with the help of a Bobcat that was brought in to dig up the pipe, Kathy was freed and back into her owner’s arms just in time for Christmas.