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Regular deer carcass dumping “disgusting and ridiculous” says nearby resident


Over the past three years, an area resident who regularly drives on Old Fairview Road has counted around 40 deer carcasses dumped alongside the gravel county road that connects with Highway 108. The decomposed remains above were photographed October 27th from the roadway.


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+2 #1 people! 2017-11-02 08:38
Hey, those that kill these animals know their rights, by God! If you think for a minute that the average person that shoots a dear and discards it this way gives a crap about you or anyone else, think again! These are the same people that drive on suspended licenses, drive without insurance, tags, etc., beat their significant others, their neighbors, people near them at "the bar," concert, wherever. Face it, we live in a lawless society. That, and you live in the country. People are just different here.

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