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Growth dominates planning conversation


       The county held their third in the series of comprehensive planning meetings October 17 with an agenda of discussing goals for the community and land use.

Like the previous meetings in this series, however, the discussion quickly became a roundtable on growth. As one participant later described it, about half the people there were talking about how we could attract growth like we see in counties to the south and the other half were talking about how we could prevent growth like we see in counties to the south. [In our estimation the sides were not really even, with more speakers offering pro-growth opinions.]

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Sam Tate  ghost
+2 #1 Sam Tate ghost 2017-10-26 21:09
Both sides have it wrong. We need growth but not like below us, but more like Dawsonville, Calhoun, Blue Ridge, Dahlonega.
Arts don't make money unless a signficant investment ala a real amphitheatre, also the "grassy area" is a TERRIBLE spot. Be better solution at parking lot no one uses by Election office.
Who hired this guy as economic development director? High Tech can be difficult, but most want EXCELLENT internet, QUIET, REMOTE areas to perform discrete work with reliable electrical service, this area would be perfect. Even a medical research facility.
"Affordable Housing" is a misnomer, but active retirement or entrepreneurs to have a real live,work and play. Sewage is important, water more so.

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