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Did Gettysburg Battlefield rock curse Pickens family?



By Jeanne Wells

Paranormal Pickens

Many years ago, when my son was little, my family took a trip to the Gettysburg Battlefield in Pennsylvania.  My young son was very interested in rocks at the time and found a stone on the battlefield that looked like it may have been stained with dried blood. It was a tiny little rock he had picked up, without me realizing it, and brought it home to Georgia. This one small act was about to change our lives tremendously.

     Years went by with one disaster after another and trauma after trauma occurring. My husband got ill and has, over the years, gotten progressively worse. My mother-in-law who was living with us at the time got very sick and eventually passed away. I had to change jobs with a large salary cut; we lost our house, our dog died. My father who was with us at Gettysburg passed and the list goes on. I just chalked it up to wicked bad luck.

     I eventually found out that he had the rock, and later came upon an article that I had read, which would change my thinking about all of this being just bad luck.    The article was about the curse of the Gettysburg rocks. It turns out that people all over, who had visited the park and taken a rock home with them were having tremendously bad luck and unthinkable things were happening to them after taking the rocks from the battlefield.  It all made sense now.  

These people had every problem you can think of, from different kinds of health problems, divorces, the loss of homes, prison sentences, and the list goes on. This is not just bad luck. This is a curse!  

Many of these people, including myself, eventually mailed the rocks back to the Gettysburg National Military Park to be placed back onto the battlefield where they were found - hopefully lifting the curse from them.  

I sent our rock back as soon as I read the article, hoping that the curse would go the way of the rock, back to Gettysburg.  

According to the park, they get many rocks in the mail.  They are now warning people not to take the rocks. Life has not been as bad for us since returning the rock.

Here is what one person said in a letter sent to the park (a copy of the letter is shown on the Cursed Rocks blog posting from the Gettysburg National Military Park, link is below), “In 2006 I was visiting the Gettysburg Military Park. While out on the battlefield I picked these pieces up.  Yes, it was wrong and I’m sorry. Since then I’ve had nothing but horrible times, injured on the job, several surgeries, relationship failures, etc. Perhaps coincidental, maybe, but I’m returning this small stone and twig.  Please return them to where I picked them up, on top of the Devil’s Den area. Thank you.”

Here is another letter:  “Around 10-11 years ago, my wife at the time, and I had visited Gettysburg. We loved Gettysburg and its history, and had removed three small stones. We didn’t know then how the removal of those stones would affect our lives, and we didn’t know that they were cursed. It wasn’t long after that, that our lives fell apart. My wife took my son and walked out on me. I lost my house and majority of what I owned and ended up in prison for nine years. My now ex-wife has fared no better. She has been plagued with health problems and other issues. When I was released from prison, I was able to find a place to live.  As I was going through what my mother was able to salvage, I found the stones and remembered what I had read in prison about the stones being cursed. I’m sorry that we had taken them.”

     Everything is made of energy including stones. Many rocks can also absorb negative energies. If any place has negative energy attached to it, it would be the Gettysburg Battlefield. I can see why these rocks come with a curse. 

This battle had between 46,000 and 51,000 casualties with an estimated death toll of over 3,100 union and over 3,900 confederates during the course of three days.

      Others have had spirit activity occur since taking the rocks. It is said that spirits can attach themselves to objects. They can attach themselves to certain objects when their body’s energy, upon passing, is transferred or absorbed by a nearby object, usually during a traumatic occurrence, such as a death on a battlefield. It is possible that some of the spirits of the Gettysburg soldiers may hitch a ride and come home with you.      

     I found out that it is currently illegal if you get caught in the act of taking souvenirs from the battlefield and this definitely includes the rocks on the grounds.  The fine for doing so is $100+. The takeaway to this story is …. do not take anything from the Gettysburg Battlefield or you might end up with more than you bargained for, such as, a fine, curse or even a spirit.  

For more information about this subject visit The Blog of Gettysburg National Military Park or Google Gettysburg Curse.

[Jeanne Wells is a Paranormal Investigator and future author. This article is an excerpt of her upcoming book on the ghosts of Georgia.  Please visit her on Facebook at Pickens Paranormal and her website]