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Rep. Collin's statement on respecting the National Anthem


WASHINGTON—Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) released the following statement in response to the question of how NFL players and representatives choose to respond to America’s national anthem:

“The National Football League is home to some of the most talented athletes in the greatest nation of the world. While I respect their right to protest, I commend to them the examples of their colleagues Pat Tillman and Alejandro Villanueva. These men defended that freedom and their fellow citizens as Army Rangers, and their actions illustrate a patriotism that unifies Americans.


“NFL players have a professional duty to deliver a compelling product on the field. I encourage them to pursue that duty wholeheartedly and can, if need be, recommend a few SEC teams to inspire them on that journey. In the meantime, I’m grateful to stand for an American flag that welcomes diversity and promotes unity more deeply than any jersey has ever done.”



Binx Bagley
-3 #1 Binx Bagley 2017-09-26 11:46
We have become a national whiners. No wonder China is kicking our butts in the business world. If you want to watch freaking football, watch it. If you want to take a knee, take a knee, but everyone quit acting like others taking knees or not taking knees is somehow tearing this country apart. The worst part is the whole mess is causing a bunch of people to act all holier than thou about on their social media, about how they are true super-patriots. Do you think the greatest generation when they got offended by something went and cried on faceook. All you losers posting those Facebook comments (who obviously have nothing better to do) need to get back to your jobs, because some of the real working people in this country might want fries with their burgers for lunch.
+3 #2 Matt 2017-09-26 17:52
This is the most nonsensical statement I have read so far from a politician. Doug, no other employee anywhere else in our Congressional District would be allowed to use their employers time and property to protest anything. The NFL is no different. Given the psychotic whining by Democrats when someone who disagreed with their liberal values made a legal protests elsewhere, I think it is time you stood up for the rights of your constituents to loudly protest the hate-filled protests of these NFL players. If you "respect their right to protest", I hope you will respect mine too and defend me when my employer fires me.
Not a GOP Dupe
-5 #3 Not a GOP Dupe 2017-09-28 22:56
Matt, take a civics class, and learn what freedom of expression and real American values are.

Or, just be a fake American, like Trump and Sessions. Real snowflakes. Can't even bear to listen to dissent. Trump is and always has been a racist, and a grifter.

Just how is protest of police shootings of black and poor and mentally challenged Americans "hate filled"? Turn off Fox and hate radio, and read a real newspaper. Can you handle the New York Times, Washington Post, or are they too real? Maybe when Trump's Russian and corporate handlers stick it to you, you'll get some insight into how you are being played.
0 #4 SaadSaak 2017-09-29 15:48
[quote name="Not a GOP Dupe" - Trump and Sessions. Real snowflakes. Can't even bear to listen to dissent. Trump is and always has been a racist, and a grifter. .

Hey NOT A ----- You can crawlback in your hole and cry for now and maybe make a request to come back out after Trump's 2nd term end -
-1 #5 Kitty 2017-10-14 19:08
To all the Bolsheviks out there: Had I decided to "protest" on my job, I would have been escorted to the door without being able to pack my office up. So the overpaid gladiators are whimpering about something...I really don't give 2 ___ what it is. Do they have a right? YUP and if their billionaire employers let them...then I guess it's OK. But their customers may have other ideas about it. Let's see how the customers react and the owners can deal with the consequences.

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