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Jasper’s wastewater future at crossroads


Sewage will dictate growth but up-front costs a major

hurdle for city

water 3680       

Sewage flows into Jasper’s wastewater plant on Montview Drive. The plant can handle 800,000 gallons a day but growth will require expansion.

Jasper’s longtime mayor and longtime water/wastewater superintendent took slightly different views of the city’s sewage position in an interview last week while providing a tour of the city’s infrastructure. 

Water Superintendent David Hall explained the differing opinions come from him being a pessimist and Jasper Mayor John Weaver being an optimist.

The city officials agreed that Jasper is at a “crossroads,” with both water and sewage at or near capacity. And both men agree strongly that water and sewage availability will dictate growth potential for the future.

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luke skywalker
-3 #1 luke skywalker 2017-03-01 15:25
crappy story. Ha. I really hope all that growth isn't coming, but I guess it is. Much like the death star bearing down on my own poor Tatooine.
Charlie Brown & Gang
-4 #2 Charlie Brown & Gang 2017-03-03 18:41
Ifn all them thar newcomers stop drinking water and going to the bathroom Jasper will survive and we jes mite keep that
down home flavor & still smell good.
Mr. Greenjeans
+1 #3 Mr. Greenjeans 2017-03-05 16:15
City and county should combine the water authority, therefore share in cost of needs. We need a reservoir, a water sewage treatment plant, along with other needs. Total infrastructure costs just to get us "ready" will be around $100 million dollars, which could be issued by bonds and paid back with SPLOST funds. Since this community has no leadership, we'll just watch our kids suffer from our lack of doing the right.
-5 #4 Harvard 2017-03-07 22:12
That makes too much sense Mr. Greengeens. Remember who we're talking to ? City of Jasper
Russian Mobster
-2 #5 Russian Mobster 2017-03-16 20:47
How can anybody claim that leachate--garba ge drippings--are not toxic. That's as big a lie as Trump tells. No amount of money is worth importing that poison into the county.

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