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Another arrest of someone seeking sex with minor here


waffle housearrest
Officers from the Pickens Sheriff Office arrested an 43-year-old man from the metro area coming here seeking sex with a 14-year-old  girl Friday night. The arrest in a parking lot on Highway 515 is the second time (see original arrest story) in two weeks potential child molesters have made contact, sent nude photos and came to Pickens County expecting sex with what they believe to be an underage girl.
It is actually an online account used by a Pickens Sheriff Detective. The man shown here was already on probation and will face additional charges for his planned meeting. Look for full story and a behind the scenes account of how these investigations go down in next week’s Progress.



+1 #1 Jen 2017-02-04 12:59
I guess 18 wasn't young enough for this pervert...smh!! Get them all!!
Janet brock
-6 #2 Janet brock 2017-02-04 17:58
It is Pickens County Sheriff's office. Please show possession of the office by the Sheriff.
B. McDaniel
-8 #3 B. McDaniel 2017-02-04 18:09
I am promoting on-line safety which all of you are aware of I am sure. Anyway, excellent handout on career day. Passing the time off at a cow show. I have been dieing to ask of course they keep me reserved with my love for jail birds anyway do you ever hear from [name deleted]. I often wonder what ever happen to him? I do know they are privacy issues here. Just nice a prayer, I guess.
0 #4 hahahahahahahahaha 2017-02-07 05:20
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH AHAHAHAAH, you friggin idiot loser. Enjoy prison. Yeah, one less dirtbag on out streets. Great jobs cops! Keep up the incredible work.
Bobby Lee Cooke
-7 #5 Bobby Lee Cooke 2017-02-08 15:27
Sounds like entrapment. Yes, should get those that are after "real" kids. Setting entrapment could be a legal issue. Also what's being done about heroin and other drug use locally. It would seem that would be a higher priority than luring outsiders. How about presenting an adult only class on showing parent/guardian s what to look for in social media and other forms?

Also irregardless of some, Sheriff Office is a agency that serves a COUNTY. That's like taking State out of the Georgia State Patrol. Georgia Patrol? Stop throwing political hissy fit, and show respect for whom the agency serves.

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