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Help get Talking Rock trainers to ‘the American Idol of horse shows’

Click here to vote online Jan. 16-25 to send Fancy Mount Farms to “Epic Night of the Horse”


    Elaina Schmersey and Jordyn Delmet awakened the force in the Star Wars themed performance they created for the Midwest Horse Fair Star Search contest. They are one of three competitors for the last finalist position in "Epic Night of the Horse." Follow this link to see a clip of their performance. 

    Two local horse trainers have beat out trainers from 23 states and Canada for a chance to perform at the prestigious “Epic Night of the Horse” competition - but they need your votes to get there.
    Elaina Schmersey and Jordyn Delmet are one of three finalists in the Midwest Horse Fair Star Search’s “Online Fan Favorite” contest. Whichever of these finalists gets the most votes will be become one of five Open Division finalists in “Epic Night of the Horse,” to be held during the 2017 Midwest Horse Fair. The winner gets $10,000 and exposure that could catapult their career to the next level. 

    “This could change everything,” said Schmersey, owner and trainer at Fancy Mount Farm in Talking Rock. “We’re the underdogs. We’re the country girls from north Georgia with our rescue horses, one that was found by animal control on the streets and is now competing in a national event. This would put us in the status of those performers, and they’re really, really good. They’re the big wigs.”             The local duo - along with their horses Maggie, a white Arabian cross, and Willow, a black Rocky Mountain Horse - was selected as one of the final three contestants after they submitted a video of their Star Wars-themed performance.
    “The theme for the contest is, they’re looking for the ‘Wonder Horse,’ a kind of superhero,” Schmersey said. “I thought about it and Star Wars fit perfectly. I think that’s what set us apart from everyone else. We are telling that story of good and evil in the performance.”
    And the performance is no doubt visually intriguing. Maggie and Willow are outfitted in glowing neon lights while Schmersey and Delmet battle in costume with light sabers – Jedi vs. the Dark Side.    
    “Maggie is white so we’re the good guys; Willow is black so they’re the bad guys,” she said. 
    Schmersey and Delmet aren’t strangers to competition. Last year Schmersey was named 2015 Georgia Equine Rescue League (GERL) Rescue Challenge Champion when she took three-year-old mare "Peaches" from starvation and very little handling to competing at a high level in 120 days. Delmet was named the 2016 Nooga Barrel Racing Club’s Novice Extreme Trail Challenge Winner.
    Help the team make it to Wisconsin by casting your vote online at Voting is now open and ends January 25 at 11:59 p.m. Voting is unlimited. You can vote as much and as often as you’d like.
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