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Cowboy Church gallops off to Trump inauguration


cowboy-church “Cowboy people are probably the most patriotic people in the world,” Victoria Grant, Rebecca Hampton (Tuxe the horse) Ava Coxe, Abbey Bailey and Victoria Adams get ready to attend the Trump inauguration. And, yes, they plan on wearing their cowboy hats in Washington Friday.
Staff Reports

    A group of young women and adult leaders from Cowboy Church in Jerusalem  will leave Wednesday to attend the inauguration of President Donald Trump on January 20 in Washington, D.C.
    The youths all said they are excited to witness firsthand the inauguration ceremony at the capitol in Washington.
    Ava Coxe, who came up through the Cowboy Church program and now attends Shorter College, said, “This is such a great opportunity for us to go and see something that is historic.”

    Coxe and the other girls, Victoria Grant, Abbey Bailey, Victoria Adams and Kaylin Prosser, plan to wear their cowboy hats to the ceremony, which they got tickets for through Congressman Barry Loudermilk.
    They will leave Wednesday with Cowboy Church leaders to drive to the nation’s capitol in a van provided by Sutallee Baptist Church in White, Ga.
    Cowboy Church in Jerusalem founder Rebecca Hampton said she is excited to see what Trump does as president, believing he was the best fit for our country. Hampton was thankful the opportunity came up to take the kids in her program to the national event.
    “Cowboy people are probably the most patriotic people in the world,” she said. “We are always the ones with flags at parades.”
    Sunday, while the group was making plans, they were also making a video. Sky News from England sent a crew based in Los Angeles to film them getting ready to leave for the inauguration.
    Greg Milam, a U.S. correspondent for Sky News, said they wanted to show “real Americans” and get their thoughts on the inauguration.
    Milam said they found the Henderson Mountain Road group after doing some Google searches on the inauguration and then seeing Congressman Loudermilk’s page where they had been provided tickets.