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Pickens gets ready for first winter storm

snow ingles bread

Restocking bread shelves at Jasper's Ingles.


 As weather forecast centers are now issuing Winter Storm Warnings for Pickens County, local law enforcement officials are telling people to heed warnings early - and stay off the roads if snowy and icy weather hits.

Pickens schools have already announced they will release early today.

"We are watching the weather," said Georgia State Patrol Commander Tim Nichols. "We are sending a guy to help the DOT with roads. He'll travel with the brine trucks and they'll be treating roads starting Friday on the interstates in and around Atlanta.
Nichols said Georgia DOT will be very proactive with any potentially hazardous driving conditions following Ice Jam of 2014.
"We have plenty of warning so I advise people to go ahead and get supplies and rations," he said. "Get those today or first thing in the morning. Be prepared and if it does come stay off the roads. The least number of people we can have out there on the roads the better off we'll be."
Nichols said the option is to make preparations now then stay home.
"Since I have to work I'd much rather everybody stay home and off the roads," he said.