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Troglin retires following 30 years of service in tax office


Troglin-Retirement Retiring Pickens County Tax Commissioner Sharon Troglin is pictured surrounded by staff members at her surprise retirement party last week.


    Sharon Troglin spent her last day as Pickens County Tax Commissioner Thursday after 30 years of service.
    Troglin said she was looking forward to “not setting a clock” in her retirement and would miss everyone she has worked with through the years.
    Troglin became tax commissioner January 1, 2001 and served for 16 years. She worked in the tax office since October, 1986.
    Troglin said she would  miss seeing the people who come into the tax office year after year.
    “You see old faces you’ve been familiar with through the years and I’ll miss seeing them as well as everyone I’ve worked with. I’ll miss just the routine of getting up and coming to work too I’m sure.”

    After 30 years in the tax office, Troglin has seen many changes, the biggest perhaps was the advent of computerized records.
     “When I first worked in the tag office, everything was done by hand. There were no computers at that time. The first computers came in 1987 or 1988 and you had to sit down and enter all the properties in the computer. The tags weren’t done until a few years later on. It was nice once we got the information all entered into the system then we could pull things up quickly and the reports were easier.”
    In 2007, Troglin also oversaw the office accepting credit card payments for property and tag taxes. Troglin said the ability to pay with credit cards via telephone or online made the process simpler for many folks, especially those in other states.
    “They could be two states away and make a payment by credit card instead of coming in or mailing a check,” she said. “It was really helpful for people and helpful to reduce traffic in the office.”   
    During her tenure, the local tax office started taking sales tax payments for the department of revenue. “That way they didn’t have to go to Rome to pay it and that helped folks as well.”
    “I’ve seen it come from the old way to the way we are now and it’s a lot different. I’m glad I was able to be there for that.”
    Troglin said she also has the utmost confidence in the incoming tax commissioner, Darrin Satterfield.
    “I’ve got all the confidence in the world in Darrin. He’ll make a good one. People of Pickens County are in good hands.”