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Convenience store robbers try again, Narrowly escape in police chase


Burglars attempted to rob this store last night but a 911 call brought police who chased them but did not catch them.



 City of Jasper Police thwarted a group of three, possibly four suspects burglarizing the Marathon gas station on East Church Street in the early morning hours Wednesday, Dec. 28.

         According to early reports, officers responded to a call to 911 and arrived on the scene (the store directly across from the Jasper First Baptist Church) at approximately 4:40 a.m. to find a black male loading a safe into a dark colored SUV (Make/model not identified at this time). The suspect loading the safe was accompanied by a black female, a second black male, and possibly a fourth lookout.

         Jasper Police Chief Greg Lovell said suspects were wearing black masks and at least one had a handgun. At this point, the chief said it's too soon to say if it is the same group that has hit other stores in the area, known as the All About the Money Gang.



         “They forced entry, low crawled and unplugged the video and started doing their thing,” Lovell said. “We are still reviewing video and it’s still early in the investigation.”

          When responding officers arrived at the station, suspects fled and a police chase ensued. The safe was left behind but suspects made off with wireless earbuds and an iPhone.

         The suspect vehicle sped off with the back hatch open and nicked the police car as they exited the parking lot. Officers pursued the vehicle but lost it in the area of Burnt Mountain Road and Lumber Company Road.

         This is the latest in a rash of burglaries across the state, including one at the convenience store on Refuge Road a week ago.

         “They’re robbing everyone, just look at the news,” Lovell said, citing recent robberies in Gilmer County and Cartersville that are possibly tied to the same group. “They seem to target places that back up to a woodline.”

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