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Jasper family shot at in road rage incident


     Press Release Cherokee County Sheriff's Department - Cherokee Sheriff's detectives are investigating a road rage incident that occurred Saturday night at approximately 10pm on Reinhardt College Parkway north of the Hwy. 5 Connector in Canton. A couple from Jasper and their teen age grandson were traveling north on Reinhardt College Parkway when a car that they had pulled out in front began firing shots at their vehicle. The victim reporting hearing several shots. No one in the victim's car was injured.
      Detectives recovered a round from what appeared to be a large caliber weapon from the victim's vehicle. The suspect's vehicle has not been identified.  Anyone that has any information related to or possibly witnessed this incident is urged to call 911.


+6 #1 wildwildwest 2016-12-20 07:52
Well, while I cannot condone the shooter's actions, and I hope they're caught and dealt with accordingly, EVERYONE that drives must change their habits. This country and the whole world for that matter, has gone back to the days of the wild west. Think about it for a minute. Old ladies being carjacked and being thrown into their trunks as the perp. drives off; shootings everywhere, outside clubs, at gas stations, on the road, you name it. The lesson here, at least for me, is don't tick someone off. People are on short leashes mentally these days. All it takes is for someone to cut someone off, like in this case, to result in death. And if you have a child in your car, that obviously doesn't appear to stop thug punks from shooting at you. This case is but another example of why I'll never (and haven't for more than 10 years) get in my car without my magnum. I've a license to carry same and wouldn't hesitate to use it if my life were in danger. I'm not advocating violence, but these criminals must be dealt with accordingly. God bless America!

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