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PHS principal resigns, Dr. Chad Flatt to serve as interim principal


Press Rease from the Pickens County School District

     Jasper, GA - The Pickens County School District announces the resignation of Mr. Shane Purdy as Principal of Pickens High School (PHS). Mr. Purdy previously served the district as Principal of Jasper Middle School. 

     "An unsuspected an unsolicited opportunity presented itself. After careful consideration, I felt it was the best decision for my family and me,' state Shane Purdy. "I wish to thank to Board of Education for allowing me the privelage to serve my community. It has truly been an honor."

     Dr. Chad Flatt, current Assistant Principal of Curriculum, Instruction, and Counseling, will serve as interim principal until a permanant principal is named. 

Dr. Chad Flatt, above, will serve as interim PHS Principal.


-3 #11 kitty 2017-01-04 16:59
I know the lunch program is a Federal program. But, I did mention that Pickens is "supposedly" one of the richest counties in the state, being a Tier 4. Did you not understand that? And no kid should be hungry. I have done voluntary literacy work in DeKalb. I was told when I signed up the state was considered to be 46% illiterate. I believe it now. But let's discuss the county's problem of finance and the state referring to us as a Tier 4 county which blocks us from getting state funds or reduced state funds.

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