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Water main break floods tracks in Jasper



City of Jasper crews dealing with massive 10-inch water line break near the railroad tracks. Shown is a crew burying a fiber optics cable in the area, which cut the water line, according to Mayor John Weaver. Tracks are flooded in area behind courthouse, with water running into courthouse parking lots. It's possible this could lead to some water outages. Weaver said they are using different valves to "backflow" and avoid outages.


+7 #1 Fuggitaboutit 2016-12-09 09:05
That job has to suck. Cold and in water. Thanks guy. You guys need more praise. Always see people baking cakes for cops and buying them meals, but you guys are every bit as important.
Mr. Reality
-2 #2 Mr. Reality 2016-12-14 15:56
Call before you dig? WIll city be reimbursed??

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