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Superintendent Perry announces resignation


suptFrom Dr. Lula Mae Perry - sent December 7

To the Pickens County Community:

It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as Superintendent of Pickens County Schools. Having the opportunity to work on behalf of our students, staff, and the community will always be among my most heartfelt memories. I am extremely grateful for the wonderful encouragement you have given me during my tenure in Pickens. Allow me to share some things I know are true:

We have an outstanding school system with enormous potential. Our students are exceptional, bright, and creative.

Our district has been blessed with talented people who genuinely love and care for children and who share a strong commitment to all students achieving at the highest levels. This community is unbelievably supportive of our schools. Throughout the past four school years, my Board has remained dedicated to the success of both students and staff. No superintendent could ask for more!


I made the decision to resign my position as Superintendent effective January 1, 2017. Serving students has always been a calling for me. Like many, I chose education as my life’s work to make a differencein some small wayin the lives of children. I promised myself that when the time came to leave this position, I would do so with no regretsto have worked diligently every day to leave things better than I found them. Working together, we have made great progress! When appointed your Superintendent in July 2013, I was given the unbelievable opportunity of joining the Dragon Nation family. As I step down, I will carry with me fond memories of our students and will continue to cheer loudly and boldly for them from afar.

Thanking You for What You Do on Behalf of Children,

Dr. Lula Mae Perry