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Preschoolers explain how to cook a turkey


First Baptist Preschool / Photo
Kindergarten students at Jasper’s First Baptist Church Thanksgiving feast.

By Kindergarten students in Krista Newton and Tiffany Griffis’ class at First Baptist Church Preschool & Kindergarten
      My friend, Keri, is going to buy the 100 inches tall turkey at Kroger. When she brings it home she’s going to cut the head off, pull the feathers off and bake it in the microwave at 2 degrees for 5 hours. Mommy, Daddy, brother, sister, Keri, Ellison, Emery and me, of course, are going to eat the turkey, chicken, mashed potatoes, French fries, vegetable pie, vegetable soup and banana splits. Doesn’t that sound good?
    — Callaway, age 5

        Did you know my big brother, Matthew, is going to get the turkey for Thanksgiving? He knows how to hunt. He goes hunting and hides in the grass. He tries not to step on the leaves or sticks to make too much noise. Then, when the turkey comes up he jumps out and shoots it dead. Matthew takes a knife with him and cuts off the head, feet, and the tail and puts it in a trash bag. Then, he takes the feathers off. It’s a great big turkey and weighs 260 pounds. Nana cooks it in a big pot on the grill at 600 degrees for 2 hours. Then Nana, Matthew, Kathy, Zoe, Kelsey, Me, Mom, Dad, Andy and Nicole come to the house. I think we’re going to eat up all of the turkey and ham, eggs with cheese, cotton candy, mashed potatoes, chips, green beans and macaroni and cheese – you know, the shell kind of macaroni and cheese.
    — Chloe, age 5
     My daddy hunts for deer meat in Kentucky. He goes there a lot and he likes to hunt. I really like deer meat, so I think that’s what we’ll have for Thanksgiving. My daddy skins the 200 pound deer and takes it where the hose is and puts it on the cooler and cuts the white stuff out of it. Then, he puts it in the freezer. When he cooks it, he grills it on the grill at 50 degrees for 20 hours. He puts salt on it – all over it – and then puts sauce on it. He makes the sauce. We have one in the house hanging up with little screws and it weighs about 200 pounds. It’s just the head hanging up with the little screws. We’re going to eat deer for Thanksgiving and have hamburgers, corn, green beans, orange potatoes, tacos, ice cream, pie from a place we buy it and cookies. I think Grammie, Papaw, Karley Ann, Bryley, Daddy, Mommy, Aubrey, Aunt Holly and Uncle Jamie are gonna all be there and help with the cooking while the kids play.     — Darbi, age 5
         My dad is going to get the 90 feet tall turkey for thanksgiving. I think turkeys come from chickens, maybe? Then, my mom will cook it in the oven for 90 days at infinity degrees. We’re going to eat turkey, chicken, corn, bread, peanut butter, and horse with my friends, Simon and Rylan.     — Garrett, age 5
     My daddy is going to buy the 1,500 pound turkey at Kroger. When he gets it home he’ll have to cut the feathers out and the bones off. Mom’s gonna cook it on the stove at 50 hundred/30 degrees for 50 years. Me, Mama, Daddy, my baby sister and my other sister are going to eat the turkey, chips, cheez-its, and yummy chocolate cake. I like chocolate cake.     — Isaac, age 6
     My Grammie Beth gets the 503 foot turkey from Walmart. She takes it out of the paper, washes it, and cuts it up. Then, she puts it in a big pan so she can cook it in the 102 degree oven for 1 second. She has to put it in a big pan because it’s a big turkey. We have a lot of people come for Thanksgiving like Grammie Beth, Daddy Doug, Aunt Jena, me, Micah, Noah, Mommy, Daddy, Granddaddy, “G”, and Uncle Tom. Grammie Beth fixes green beans, mashed potatoes, rolls – yummy, corn, ice cream, cookies and cake that she cooks.     — Jonah, age 5
     My grandpa goes hunting and shoots the 15 feet tall turkey.
    Then, he pulls the feathers off and plays with it and then puts it in a cage in the bedroom. After that, Grandpa puts sauce on it to roast it in the 50 degree oven for 50 minutes. Carter, my mom, my cousins, my dad, and the pet turkey eat the sauce, grass, ham, bacon, eggs and bread.     — Kolby, age 5
       Daddy and mommy both go to Walmart to buy the 100 inches big turkey. When they get it home they take it out of the wrapper and cook it at Uncle Jim’s outside on the stove for 98 minutes at 98 degrees. Me, Mommy, Cameron, Daddy and Uncle Jim will eat ham, honey mustard, mashed potatoes with salt on them, ice cream, M & M cookies, and cookie cutter cookies.
    — Lucas, age 5
     My mama goes to Kroger to buy the 10 pound turkey then she cuts the bones out and makes it into chicken noodle soup. She cooks it in the microwave at 100 degrees for 100 minutes. Grandma, Grandpa, Nana, Papaw, my aunts and uncles, Mom and Dad, Kate and me eat together. Mom, Grandma, and Nana make a lot of other things for us to eat like a fruit bowl, sandwiches, and ice cream sundaes with edible gold on it.
    — Luke, age 5
     Mom, Dad, me and Josh go to a turkey farm to get the 5 inches tall turkey. We have to catch it first and then we cut it open, pull off all of the feathers and cook it in a medium pan on the 100 degree stove for 10 or 11 minutes, maybe more, I’m not sure. Grandma will come over with Kerry, Mom, Dad, me and Josh to eat fresh meat, beans, red potatoes, corn, strawberry cake that Grandma makes. She makes everything. My mom puts ice in the glasses and then we eat.     — Paul, age 5
     My dad goes to the IGA to get the 7 feet tall turkey. I think they sell turkeys at the IGA, don’t they? We have to take it out of the package and wash it because it’s dirty. Before we eat it, we have to warm it up in the microwave at 43 degrees for a couple of minutes. Then, we have to cook green beans, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, fruit and vegetables for me, Daddy, Mom, my sister, my brother and my grandma to eat.     — Townson, age 6
     Grandpa gets his big gun and runs around to shoot the 2 inch turkey. Then, he rips off the feathers and the head and then cuts the bones out. Mamaw cooks it in the 100 degree oven for 1 minute so me, Mama, Daddy, Grandpa, Mamaw, Aunt Leslie and Uncle Phil can eat the turkey, chicken, cornbread, butter, green beans, ice cream and chocolate cake. I always like chocolate cake.
    — Trip, age 5