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Cove Road man arrested for murder


The GBI has arrested Arnold Hoyt Griffith, Jr., of Cove Road for murder  but few details have been released.

   The Pickens sheriff’s office confirmed he was arrested on November 9 and the GBI is continuing to investigate with other arrests possible.

   Lt. Kris Stancil said the arrest is not from a recent death.

   “This is not a new case, not a recent death,” Stancil said.  “The victim is not from this area.”

   Stancil said investigators had looked at this before but never had enough information to move forward.

   “This is from new information on a previous case,” Stancil said. Stancil said the victim had never been reported missing by family.

   The name of the victim has not been released, but Stancil reiterated the male victim is not local. He said they are having trouble notifying family members, which is delaying release of that information.


Stancil said they do not believe this person had ever been reported missing anywhere, but definitely had never been reported missing in this area.

            No further information is being released until the GBI has completed more of their investigation.(Book-in photo from Pickens Jail)