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Missing Preserve man case goes cold


Ben Thebaut has been missing since Oct. 16.

     The disappearance of a retired surgeon from the Preserve at Sharp Mountain gated community remains a priority for the sheriff’s office, but the case has gone cold since Ben Thebaut was reported missing October 16th.
    Sheriff spokesman Kris Stancil said Monday he is aware that some people are finding it hard to accept that efforts to find the 79-year-old have not produced a single lead, but that is the situation.

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+4 #1 tragedy 2016-11-17 05:45
This story is so sad. While few ever tell law enforcement they do a good job on things, this case is such an example where it's justified. Our local law enforcement managed a team of professional volunteers to assist in finding this man. I called the sheriff's office to assist in the efforts but was never called back. I understand why as they used only professionals. We should be proud they devoted so many weeks to this case. My thoughts go out to the family and to everyone that assisted. God bless Pickens County and our sheriff's department!
+1 #2 WKRP 2016-11-18 10:09
I certainly hope the guy isn't sitting on a beach somewhere sipping on a fruity drink!

Kudos to the SO and the Fire Rescue for all their hard work in searching for him.

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