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Is this the drought of the century?


Larry Cavender / Photo
    Although Old Glory is clearly visible, the distant mountains are only barely visible and the sun struggles to shine through the smoke in this photograph taken last week looking west from the parking lot of Jasper United Methodist Church.

By Larry Cavender

    Is Pickens County, as well  north Georgia, in the midst of the "Drought of the Century?" When you can count on one hand the number of times it has rained since spring, with an outdoor burning ban in effect and lawns turning brown and fall crops dying, and with a smoky haze engulfing the area from wildfires caused by the extremely dry conditions, most people might answer a resounding, "Yes!"

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-4 #1 wishingwell 2016-11-17 05:40
Wow, I'm so glad I'm not living in a home that has a well as my water supply. If I were, I'd be freaking out everyday due to this drought. I'm in my 50s and cannot remember such a rain-free, hot year. I'm so stunned to see no chances of rain whenever I look at weather websites, news, etc. If they say we have a 20-30% chance of rain five or more days away, I never believe we'll get a drop of rain. I've been trying to do some research on why it's so dry. The best I've come up with is we're in a La Nina year. If you've not yet heard of this, it's related to El Nino, but a little different. We were in n El Nino earlier in the year. Those phenomena explain lack of rain and hot weather to some degree. If you're a fan of global warming due to pollution, etc., that, in addition to La Nina, is a perfect storm of drought, heat, etc. Whatever the explanation, I'm over it. My prediction is that we're not done with this. Many more years like this one are coming. I hope I'm wrong. "vote Quimby."

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