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Miller's counsel seeks bond and speedy trial

Indictment also challenged as being too vague


Attorneys representing Mark Miller, the jailed Jasper lawyer charged with dozens of counts of financial fraud and theft, filed motions in Pickens superior court last week asking to move this case along and for another shot at bail for their client. 

Attorneys Scott Poole and Ross Grisham also filed a motion challenging the indictment accusing Miller of more than a $1 million in fraud/theft as being too vague.

See complete story in this week's print edition.


0 #1 theplotthickens 2016-11-04 07:14
Miller's attorneys are just doing their job here, as anticipated. Any decent criminal lawyer would file the same motions. They're pretty standard in this situation. I still can't believe a judge denied this man's bond. I'd feel sorry for him if he weren't such a d**k by the way (Miller).

Prediction on these recent events: Motion to dismiss indictment: denied, but possibly an order requiring the state to clarify the charges. Motion for bond: probably denied, again. Demand for speedy trial: that's his right, so he'll be tried within the next two terms of court.

Overall, there'll be a plea offer made in this case. It'll be probation, fines, restitution, and maybe community service. There'll be no jail time due to all the time he's serving now. He'll lose his right to practice law if he takes such a plea, however.

If he insists on a trial and he loses, expect prison time and him never being able to practice law again. If he wins, only an idiot would ever let him handle their legal matters.
Dr. Trumpalot
-6 #2 Dr. Trumpalot 2016-11-04 11:31
Plot Thickens - a pretty good summary. But who better to handle future legal issues than this man? -- sneaky muthafurror is exactly who I want on my side.
Only place I disagree is people hate him so much, I bet DA knows this and won't settle. Of course the best outcome would be some restitution for those he ripped off. Maybe he could become their serf for like 10 years. Re-education through labor would serve him well.

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