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More charges against Miller

   Mark-MillerMark Miller booking photo.

     Last week the grand jury returned charges against suspected members of a statewide prison gang, added more charges against attorney Mark Miller and returning indictments against the former PHS student in a murder-for-hire case among their work. Other cases include:

• Grand Jury indicts Ghostface Gangster members for attempt to smuggle meth into jail
• Former PHS student indicted in murder-for-hire plot

See full story in this week's print or online editions.


+7 #1 whatanidiot 2016-10-06 05:42
Those poor folks from whom this crook "ALLEGEDLY" stole all that money. How can this man sleep at night knowing what he's done (allegedly)? Well, I'll betcha he don't sleep as well as he did in his mansion on the mount for all those years. All that inmate shouting, fighting, and non-stop bitching has to make this man regret his alleged criminal conduct. But one look at him tells me that he don't regret a thang. He's kind of a scary-looking man if you ask me. Now his bar license is suspended for non-payment of dues; his fancy Main St. office is on the market; if he's married, surely his wifey is about to ditch him; if he has kids, those poor cherubs must be going through hell knowing their daddy is locked up and will remain there indefinitely. It's just a sad, sad turn of events for this man and his family. While I feel for them, I cannot help but feel that justice has, and will be, done on him. Let this be a lesson to all you sneaky, law-breaking wrong-doers out there. You can only hide behind your money, title and prestige for only so long. That Law's a gonna git you eventually. Let's see if the almighty Grisham & Poole can work their legal magic in this man's case(s).

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