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Attorney Mark Miller pleads not guilty

But sees new charges and no bond
Mark-Miller---PickensMark Miller booking photo.

    Jasper attorney Mark Miller pleaded not guilty Tuesday to numerous financial theft and fraud charges before a visiting judge in Pickens court, but the hearing revealed that Miller will face at least two more sets of theft charges.
    Miller was denied bond for the foreseeable future in the court action Tuesday. Judge Richard Winegarden said he did not feel comfortable letting Miller out on bond. He noted specifically that Miller’s law office escrow account only has a balance of $225, which sounded suspiciously low and the judge questioned if there might be other funds elsewhere.

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Id be freaking out
+4 #1 Id be freaking out 2016-08-19 10:32
Wow! And I thought I had problems! Good for him to plead not-guilty. Now the mighty Grisham and Poole will earn their hefty lawyer's fees by fighting for this man. I'm not too sure about the judge denying him a bond though. What's up with that? Anyway, Mr. Miller's got a tough road ahead. I wonder what he thinks about his fellow inmates at the county jail. Betcha they love him, what with all his power, money, fame, and all the rest. Innocent until proven guilty, folks, but you gotta fly straight in this circuit. Just ask Judge Weaver.
-1 #2 Jim 2017-08-09 16:09
I wonder how they came to suspect any issues, or even obtained bank account information. I suppose the big takeaway from this article is which firm the lawyer decided to hire to represent him. Lawyers know each other pretty well so I guess Grisham & Poole is one heck of a defense law firm.

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