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Residents want help stopping Dollar General

“Come back with your shield,” spokesman tells board

dollar-general-meeting     It was a full house at this month’s commissioners’ meeting, where a large group opposed to a Dollar General on Cove Road came to ask for support from county leaders. Jeff Squires, standing, served as spokesman for the group.

     At least 100 upset Grandview-area residents showed up at the July commissioners meeting to ask for help stopping a Dollar General from being built at the corner of Grandview and Cove roads.
    Jeff Squires, spokesman for the group, outlined their concerns – traffic volume, safety, inappropriate land usage for the area, in addition to what they say are blatant violations to county codes at other Dollar General locations and possible destruction of a historical place of interest currently on the site.
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Richard Head
+2 #1 Richard Head 2016-07-27 14:33
If the local residents were so worried about the "Historic" building/house on the property why didn't they pony up the money and purchase the property themselves? I find it amusing they want businesses in the area but only the ones they choose. I would imagine as long as the DG meets the guidelines in place there isn't much the Commissioners can do to stop it and we don't need to fight this in court on the tax payers dime!!! I seriously doubt the folks from Hinton or Tate will be increasing the traffic volume on Cove Road to visit that DG store!!!
Trump Chump
+3 #2 Trump Chump 2016-07-28 13:58
What I love about the Grandview area is the lawlessness. You might find the window of your car knocked out, but you can still walk down the road with a beer in your hand, just like in New Orleans. Some of the best basement bars in the county out in this area.
Hope this DG doesn't change that feel
-2 #3 peckham 2016-07-29 21:09
Pickens? I lived there for 13 and a half years, luckily I know some members of community so they're kind to me but get on their wrong side and your one way ticket to hell is delivered. drugs, knives, guns and murder was probably just the few things that Pickens has to offer, almost every part of it is full of thugs, dealers or new bloods that are soon to be killers. stay away because it's your best option for you and the people you love
+6 #4 Soloman 2016-07-30 12:55
Quoting peckham:
Pickens? I lived there for 13 and a half years, but get on their wrong side and your ticket to hell. drugs, knives, guns and murder few things that Pickens has to offer, it is full of thugs, dealers or new bloods that are soon to be killers. stay away

1- Over 13 years and you're still here with all this ???
2- You should have got out 13 years ago !!
3- You can still try to find a better place -
4- Like maybe the south side of Chicago - Get gone
genghis kardasian
-2 #5 genghis kardasian 2016-08-01 22:32
Poor description of Pickens. I think of it as epic place. There is also in that place Jasper the abode called the water park, and there is not in heaven a fairer dwelling. There, too, is the one called Hill City, whose walls, and all its posts and pillars, are of red gold, but its roof of silver. There is also the abode called Tate; it stands at heaven's end by the bridge-head, in the place where Nelson joins heaven. Another great gated fortress is there, which is named Big Canoe; Odin possesses that dwelling; the gods made it and thatched it with sheer silver, and in this Golf Clubhouse hall is the Hlidskjálf, the high-seat so called. Whenever Rob Jones sits in that seat, he surveys all lands
Bobby Bill
-2 #6 Bobby Bill 2016-08-13 01:46
I wonder how many of the people that are crying about this DG store did any thing when Wal Mart wanted to build here in my backyard and how many of you shop at Wal Mart now? So it is some how different when someone comes and treads on your slice of pie. So to all the self righteous hypocrites that come to town and create traffic jams and air pollution why do you think you should get your way when it is your neighborhood? But just throw others under the bus. I hope they build the store and you all can just deal with it!

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