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Reward offered in mailbox, car vandalism case


Jasper Police are investigating a slew of vandalized mailboxes and damage to at least two vehicles that happened some time Sunday after 10 p.m. and before daylight Monday.

Sgt. Matt Dawkins with the Jasper Police said they don’t know the exact number of damaged mailboxes throughout the Camp Road and South Main areas, as many people don’t report them.

Dawkins said he noticed a couple of damaged mailboxes in the vicinity of where owners did file reports. “They are not cheap to replace, but some people don’t report them,” he said.

Stressing that it is initial speculation, Dawkins said this appears to be the work of juveniles, possibly using baseball bats to smash the mailboxes and damage the two autos parked near the roadway. 

“We don’t know for sure what they were using and it could turn out to be adults, but this is our speculation,” he said.

Dawkins said the widespread area where damage occurred makes it almost certain that the vandals were riding around, not walking.

The owner of one of the damaged vehicles has offered a $500 reward for information leading to the identity of the person or persons responsible for this incident. Anyone with information should contact Sgt. Dawkins at the Jasper Police Department, 706-253-9110.