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Most foster kids there because of parents’ meth abuse

Foster home numbers up some here, but more still needed   

DFCS-carla-poole 6941

                Pickens DFCS Resource Developer Carla Poole works directly with foster parents

                                                           and kids in the county.

     There are two notes hanging on Pickens County DFCS Resource Developer Carla Poole’s office bookshelf, written in scribbled handwriting.
    One reads, “Ms. Carla, Thank you for helping me find my forever home.”
    The other, “Thank you for bringing me a brother.” 
    Right now there are 96 kids under the care of Pickens DFCS who want a stable home and family, whether it be one reunited with their biological parents or a new home with foster parents. Of those 96, a staggering 99.5 percent are from parents or caretakers who abuse methamphetamines.

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Roman Adams
+2 #1 Roman Adams 2016-02-27 04:03
Big Frank
-1 #2 Big Frank 2016-03-01 08:44
Thanks goodness for the foster system and the good those people do. Do they handle every case perfectly? No. But overall they have spared a lot of kids from abusive and drug infested homes.
What kills me are sorry motherfuckers (can I say that here?) complaining about how the government just randomly selected them to pick on -- even though they live in a nasty, filthy squalor and don't take their kids to schools and spend all the money they get on meth and mountain dew.

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