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New leadership at airport brings enthusiasm, forward momentum

“My goal is to push these projects into reality so we can start seeing a surplus,” said new authority chair

airport 2249A shot down the central taxiway of the 17-acre 'horseshoe" located beside the Pickens County Airport. The airport authority hopes to attract aviation related businesses to build hangars here.    

New leadership and a new engineering firm at the Pickens County Airport seem to have generated a renewed enthusiasm for development and expansion, with two big initiatives slated to happen this year.

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+1 #1 MisterMister 2016-02-03 17:52
The authority is a dollar short and a day late. The magic window of small airport expansion was immediately after 9/11 when the big airports were too challenged and costly to use. The two counties below us invested in multimillion dollar projects and enjoying success. Our best hope is hobbyists, local business owners and opportunists and military. I would outsource the airport and let professionals manage the airport with the authority disbanded and see what they can do. Seems a significant boondoggle that needs an immediate exit plan.

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