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Patrols beefed up at Antioch/515


The intersection of Antioch Church Road and Highway 515. 


      In direct response to a forum regarding a proposal to install a concrete median at Antioch Church Road and Highway 515, Jasper’s mayor has increased police presence at the intersection.

Several dozen Talking Rock residents, business owners and leaders spoke in adamant opposition to GDOT’s proposition, which would force right turns off of Antioch Church Road onto the four-lane. 

Members of the public became emotional and heated as they expressed their concerns against the proposal.

Business owners said the blocked median would devastate the Talking Rock business district. Other residents tearfully recalled fatal accidents involving loved ones. Many members of the public, including some who live off Antioch and use the intersection daily, said speeding is the root cause of the dangerous situation.

At the regular Jasper city council meeting two days later, on Wednesday, Jan. 6, Mayor John Weaver announced his intention to increase police visibility at the intersection.

Three corners of the intersection have been previously annexed into the city limits of Jasper, though the road serves as the main entry into Talking Rock from the fourlane.

The Jasper mayor said motorists need to slow down in that area or expect a citation. 

The speed limit at the intersection is 65 m.p.h.

“It’s not a speed trap if we warn you,” said Weaver, who expects the Antioch Church Road/ Highway 515 intersection to be a “major controversy” in the coming months.  

Weaver said he is personally not in favor of GDOT’s proposal. He said he has plans to submit an alternate proposal to the state agency. 

Other news from meeting:


•Pickens County Economic Development Director Gerry Nechvatal said the Pickens Chamber of Commerce is cataloging existing hiking trails and walking areas in the county, which will eventually be available in one location on the chamber’s website. 


Big Frank
-1 #1 Big Frank 2016-01-16 08:23
Speed patrols are the simplest and most effective way to stop the crashes. Why not add one more officers from the city of Jasper or thinking outside the box here. What about if Talking Rock started a police force, got one officer put him on 515 almost all day -- good revenue for the town to improve more at no cost to local citizens once start up costs are covered.
Richard Head
+2 #2 Richard Head 2016-01-19 15:52
Speed patrols are temporary solutions and are only effective for local residents. It will be the out of town travelers that you will have to watch out for as they will not be familiar with the speed limit(s) and intersection. The state better put up lots of flashing warning lights and rumble strips!! Writing speeding tickets for revenue is not good and is frowned upon by the DPS and your local citizens especially if it's coming out of their pockets. I don't think TR wants to be known as a speed trap like Elligay and East Elligay. :lol:

The state requires local (city and county police) to be so far from the City/County Limits before they can do speed enforcement. 500ft maybe, so JPD can't sit right at the intersection since that's where the City of Jasper sign is.

-1 #3 Amy 2016-01-19 19:15
I appreciate the City's efforts; however, doesn't do Antioch Church Road users any good if the Police are stationed up the road about a mile where they are going to put the Water Park's entrance. Thought they were going to sit at Antioch Church Road intersection since the city owns 3/4 of it.
Jessica Bowers
+2 #4 Jessica Bowers 2016-01-19 19:35
Wouldn't it slow down traffic if they installed a traffic light? I don't think forcing right turns or building concrete barriers sound like a solution.

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