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Seized cash ensures crime doesn’t pay


     Following the December 22 arrest of a 22-year-old suspected of dealing drugs and burglary, Pickens sheriff Donnie Craig said the ability to seize money prevents drug dealers and burglars from keeping what they made by the criminal actions.

            “Even if they make a little by selling drugs, that is going to be forfeited to law enforcement when they get caught,” the sheriff said.

            Read about the recent arrest and how local law enforcement and courts ensure that crime doesn’t pay in our print and online editions.




Bob Ruud
-3 #1 Bob Ruud 2015-12-30 10:24
Sounds to me like the Sheriff of Nottingham is at it again,
confiscating money from the poor and defenseless. We need Robbing Hood back!
Big Frank
+2 #2 Big Frank 2015-12-30 13:21
Bullshit. Poor defenseless drug dealers my ass. Take it all. Good job sheriff
Snuffy Smith
+1 #3 Snuffy Smith 2015-12-30 13:23
Obviously you never had anything stolen or you would feel sympathy
Robin HoodRat
+3 #4 Robin HoodRat 2015-12-30 15:05
Where is the due process in allowing armed government takers--cops or NOT-- to get your stuff: money, land, car, house? Is the Bill of RIghts now just a tax bill to arm these thugs?

The civil forfeiture laws that the Gingrich [the Grinch] Congress passed, and that Clinton caved on in signing (to appear tough on crime---remembe r three strikes, no legal rights, forever?…) has surely been one of the most corrupting things to happen to our police forces in America since the preferential hiring of veterans--train ed to shoot, dominate, screw those "civil rights"…

Wait till it happens to for or yours, Big Frank. You'll be tazed or shot if you stand up to 'em. Try it. Felony obstruction for questioning a cop…and any cash is taken, along with your Big Foot truck.
Big Frank
-4 #5 Big Frank 2015-12-31 08:06
Well stated HoodRat,
And if you move to a broader context. I agree with you in theory. I know we are all supposed to be grateful of the nation's police force, but let's face it, some of the videos of the shootings show that there are individual cops who are trigger happy. Specifically, think about the 10-year-old playing with the gun in Cleveland or the guy running away and shot in Charleston. The videos are clear that both those shootings should not have happened. I suspect someone will argue with the Cleveland kid and his pellet gun that he pointed a gun at a cop. My question is why did the cops come that close to what is obviously a child with a gun? Why didn't they stop further back and ascertain if the individual was by himself at a park pavilion was a guy with a real pistol or a ten-year-old with a pellet gun? Don't they get binoculars? Or a bullhorn to say hey kid put that gun down?
But, I digress, when you have a case like the one referenced right here in Pickens County, where the dude is caught with meth, weed, pill and cash in a backpack, and stolen stuff, I still say take it all. Also I assume, the guy will get his due process in courts.
If courts or cops are corrupt that is absolutely a problem, but I will stand behind the system that money from illegal activity should be seized.
Uncle Claxton
+5 #6 Uncle Claxton 2016-01-01 16:04
The problem is that Georgia law allows for the seizure of property without charges even, or ever, being filed. Additionally, property can be seized that was simply used in a crime even if it didn't belong to the criminal, but to someone else entirely. Once seized it is almost impossible to get back and the cost is born entirely by the property owner seeking to regain their property and being denied the use of it in the meantime

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