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K-9 sweep follows pain clinic complaints


    Business owners in the strip off Sammy McGhee Blvd. complained to the sheriff’s office about the pain clinic at the far right. The clinic has been the source of numerous complaints, including accusations that it is a “pill mill.” The department responded with a K-9 sweep and visible presence on Wednesday, Dec. 9.

    Midday December 9 the parking area for the mixed-use retail strip on Sammy McGhee Boulevard looked more like a tail gaiting hangout than a lot that serves three medical-related businesses and a dance studio.

    Vehicles filled at least half the available spaces, and around a dozen people were camped out under trees, sitting in their cars or propped on their hoods waiting to be seen at the pain management clinic. 
    Adjacent business owners are not happy about the unprofessional appearance patients of the S J & J Spine and Pain Group  create by loitering in the parking lot, and last week these business owners submitted a formal letter to the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office expressing their concerns.

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